The First Week

Time is an odd thing when on the move. Whether it’s a week vacation or a longer adventure into the unknown. In some ways, it feels as though I’ve been in Granada for ages. My final days in Victoria seem so far off in the distance. And yet when I think of how many more weeks of Spanish classes I have – 11 to go – it feels like time is moving too quickly. Will I have enough time to get to the level of conversation that I hope to?

The trip across the Atlantic went well last week, although I still cannot get over how different this feels when compared to my other travels. I had an overnight layover in London and stayed at a “Yotel” inside London Heathrow airport. I had a tiny but very functional and comfortable room! I also had enough time in the evening to take the Tube a few stops to Osterley and stroll through the beautiful gardens. I highly recommend a visit to others who find themselves with time to spare at Heathrow!

The next day I arrived in Spain and began a new chapter. My apartment is on Caldereria Vieja, a narrow alleyway filled with vendors selling Morrocan lamps, leather bags and other items. I am a few minutes stroll to many of the sites of Granada and already enjoy getting lost in the maze of alleys.

My classes started the morning after I arrived. I am in a beginner class with one other student. We have a lot of attention and I learn a little more everyday. The school puts on activities for the students in the afternoons and evenings such as tours, flamenco nights and of course, Tapas! I am still trying to figure out how the bars can provide such good food for free when someone orders a drink! I have tried only a few establishments so far but look forward to trying more bars soon.

The weather has been quite cool and rainy since I arrived so I have not had too much opportunity to venture further afield. The weather is to improve this coming week and I am very excited to see the city at its best. Granada has grown on me already, even in the damp cold.


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